Hiver updates
Hiver updates

Introducing Jira Integration




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Jira is a powerful project management software used by teams across the world for agile software development. With the Hiver + Jira Integration, you can now manage Jira issues inside Hiver, stay on top of important customer issues and resolve conversations faster. Head to the Integrations section on your Shared Inbox Settings to enable the Jira Integration.

Enable the Jira Intgeration to manage Jira issues for any conversation.

  • Create new Jira issues
  • Link/Unlink Jira issues
  • View linked Jira issues

You can learn more about Jira Integration here

Share conversations using permalinks from mobile




Permalinks let you share links to conversations outside Hiver for you to collaborate with your teammates on different communication channels like Slack, Google Chat, etc.

Now, you can create these links on the Hiver mobile app when you’re away from the desktop and share conversations with your peers even you’re on the go.

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Introducing Hiver SLAs 2.0 (Beta)




Service level agreements (SLAs) help you stay on top of your customer emails and provide timely resolutions. Hiver's revamped SLAs are designed not just to keep your customers happy but also to help your team succeed. Now, you can create the right amount of urgency and visibility on conversations which need immediate attention and proactively prevent SLA breaches.

Here's a snap of the exciting new additions that you can look out for-

  • View when SLA is due on individual conversation and Gmail list-views
  • Get notified when SLAs are about to get breached on any conversation
  • Easily distinguish between First Response Time (FRT) and Resolution Time (RT) SLAs
  • Quickly access all your Overdue & Due soon conversations using Hiver default views
  • Manually remove SLA on specific conversations to prevent anomalies
  • Escalate conversations & automatically update SLAs

Boost your customer experience and fast-track your teams' performance by setting up Hiver SLAs! 🚀

Learn more about this feature here.

Note: This is being rolled out in phases.


(Hiver Chat) Paste files from clipboard while replying to chats




In order to add attachments while replying to chats, so far you could upload files from your system by searching for the file. This would be time consuming especially if you’re using a snipping tool for taking screenshots while talking to a customer.

Now, you can simply copy any file to the clipboard, paste it into your chat reply text box and press ‘Send’ to quickly share it with your customer. You can use the standard keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste files-

  • Copy: Ctrl+C for Windows and Command+C for Mac users
  • Paste: Ctrl+V for Windows and Command+V for Mac users

Know more about supported file formats here.

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(Hiver Chat) Auto-assign unassigned chat to responder




If a member is replying to an unassigned chat, she would likely end up assigning that chat to herself. But those few extra clicks to manually assign the chat can be tedious especially if she’s working on a large number of chats throughout the day. And it’s only human to forget assigning chats at times and then not get the due credit for those in the performance report.

To avoid this, you can now enable the setting ‘Auto-assign unassigned chat to responder’ in the 'General settings' of your chat inbox. Once enabled, any unassigned chat gets automatically assigned to the agent who replies to the chat.

Help your team reduce redundant tasks and be more productive by enabling the auto-assign feature.

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(Hiver Chat) Enable website visitors to end chat when their query is resolved




So far, only agents were able to close active chats. While this seemed perfectly okay on the surface, there were few underlying nuances observed-

  • Visitors might navigate away from the website before agents end the chat and hence the possibility of collecting their feedback (CSAT) reduces
  • Rushed resolutions by agents to score good resolution times

With this enhancement, visitors will see an option to ‘End chat’ on the chat widget and they can close the chat themselves when their query is resolved. Agents will be able to understand who closed the chat (an agent or a visitor) from the activity feed.

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Your Gmail inbox is now on Hiver mobile app




We're thrilled to announce that you can now access your Gmail inbox on Hiver mobile app and add conversations to shared mailboxes on-the-go.

Create visibility and accountability of conversations right from your pocket and never leave a customer hanging.


Introducing Hiver Contacts (Beta)




In order to create exceptional customer experiences, you need to know who your customers are. And that’s exactly why we've built Hiver Contacts.

While looking at any shared conversation, immediately know who the contact is and the company that they’re a part of. Access the recent conversations from the contact and their company and get insights like-

  • Customer pain points by looking at repetitive issues
  • Previous CSATs for gauging customer sentiment to empathize with them
  • Health of the company as a whole to prevent churn

And the best part- have all this context right next to the conversation you’re working on so that you can craft the perfect response! 🚀

Learn more about this feature here.

Note: This is being rolled out in phases.


Introducing Asana Integration





Asana is a project management app that is designed to help teams organize, track and manage their work.

With Hiver + Asana integration, you can manage Asana tasks for customer conversations and stay on top of your tasks. You can view, create and update Asana tasks right inside Hiver and focus on delivering exceptional customer support.

We have also launched a new home for Hiver Integrations. Head to your Shared Mailbox Settings > Integrations to view all available integrations.

You can learn more about Asana Integration here.

Introducing Harvey- Hiver's AI Bot





Say hello to Harvey- Hiver’s new AI Bot! Harvey is designed to perform intelligent actions on specific types of customer emails. Using sentiment analysis, Harvey can automatically detect and close conversations that get reopened due to non-actionable “Thank You” responses from customers.

Harvey will soon be able to perform more intelligent actions.

You can learn More about Harvey’s Thank You Detection capability here.