Add multiple tags to a conversation in one go

If you felt it's too much of a hassle to apply one tag at a time to a conversation, we are glad to tell you that we've taken your feedback and made it easier to add or remove as many tags as you want, in a single action.


Introducing Workload Distribution

With the new Workload Distribution feature in Hiver, you can easily and quickly optimize your team’s workload for maximum efficiency and faster responses to your customers.

For each View that you have created in Hiver, you can switch to Workload Distribution mode and see how conversations from a specific customer or an issue are distributed within your team in a single glance.

This would help you to:

  • Quickly analyze how the workload is distributed within your team and re-assign conversations if required
  • Find unassigned conversations and assign them immediately for creating accountability for those conversations
  • Analyse SLA-violated conversations for each assignee using workload distribution for the “Overdue” view and rally your team accordingly


Easily refer to customer's email while typing a note

Ever felt the need to refer to a customer's email while typing a note?

With the new swipe experience, swiftly move between your notes screen and conversation screen. This lets you easily refer to customer's email while typing an important note to your team.


Custom Reports in Analytics

While viewing reports in Analytics, you apply filters to analyze data for the context that matters to you. And if you're someone who views data regularly, you'd find it troublesome to apply the same filters every time you want to set context for reports.

To address this, we built Custom Reports to help you get to your desired context faster. You can now create pre-filtered reports on top of your default metrics and give these reports unique names.

You can create a custom report after applying at least one filter on a default report or you can even create one from scratch.


Notes enhancement: Pin your important notes

Hiver notes help you collaborate seamlessly with the rest of your team without using CCs or forwards. This update allows you to pin your important notes to the activity panel. Now avoid meetings and calls to get on the same page, instead pin a note to build shared context within your team. You could pin conversation summary or any other important information relevant to your team.


Attach files while replying to emails from your mobile app

Need to attach a file for reference while replying to an email on-the-go? You can now do that using the latest version of the Hiver mobile app. Attach up to 25 MB of data in each reply.


Introducing Lite Analytics

Customers on the Lite plan now have access to an entry version of Analytics called Lite Analytics. With Lite Analytics, supervisors have access to limited metrics for a 7 day window, to serve as a powerful starting point for honing their mailbox performance.

Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 12.48.26 PM.png

Visit the revamped analytics, now out of beta!

Our previous release update spoke extensively about the beta launch of the all new Hiver analytics. Since then, we’ve incorporated a lot of valuable feedback relating to user experience tweaks and performance fixes.

Most importantly, we shipped a major functional change that corrected the way emails were being identified as being sent from the mailbox or being received into the mailbox. This was especially noticed in cases when both the sender and recipient list included members of the shared mailbox. To ensure the accuracy of data, we have reprocessed all information contained within analytics. So if you’ve used the beta extensively, please revisit the reports to ensure you are looking at the latest corrected data. We’re truly sorry for the inconvenience, and rest assured, all flows have been corrected, performances have been optimized, and Hiver analytics is now out of beta!

Analytics: Review multiple User and Tag reports easily

In Analytics, while reviewing the performances of individual users and tags, you would often find yourself navigating back to the consolidated table to pick the next user or tag to analyze. But not anymore! You can now cycle through users or tags through the new handy selection menu.


Analytics: Analyze trends for CSAT ratings

How has your team’s CSAT ratings grown over the last month? If you’ve wondered about this, Analytics now has answers to your questions. We’ve introduced CSAT trends for Satisfied, Okay and Not Satisfied ratings. With this, you can analyze by what percentage have CSAT ratings grown or declined over any selected time period.