Auto assignment enhancement

Auto assignment helps you reduce the time you spend manually assigning conversations.With this enhancement, you now have more control over the conversations that need to be automatically assigned. Use the tags you've created to filter out the new inbound conversations and assign them automatically to your teammates.This is particularly useful for mailboxes that receive transactional emails like Feedback requests or Form submissions.


Use Tags to categorise conversations on-the-go

With the updated mobile app, you can apply Tags to categorize conversations and take your inbox from chaos to clarity. With this enhancement, you can add or remove multiple tags in a conversation with a single action.


Email templates: Better search, faster access

Email templates allow you to respond quickly to your emails. This enhancement helps you easily access your five most recently used templates. Additionally, this update also comes with an improved search experience that searches across both the template name and content. This way you no longer need to remember the exact name of the template you're looking for.

P.S Use at least one template for the recently used section to start showing up for you auto-magically.


Shared drafts enhancements: Auto-save and better lock management

With the new enhancement to shared drafts, changes are now auto-saved, and locks are auto-released after prolonged inactivity of 10 minutes. The multi-taskers among us can now continue jumping between tabs and tasks, without losing unsaved changes or blocking someone else from working on shared drafts.


New Analytics: Measure every aspect of performance, draw insights, view associated conversations and more.

In our biggest release of the year so far, we have revamped the analytics platform within Hiver from the ground up.

With more metrics and individual email-level data, the new system is richer in information. Filter any action by user, status, or tags. Track performance for a specific account or type of conversation. View the full report card for a single user or tag, or drill down to the individual conversations. This system is all you’ll ever need to stay on top of your team’s performance.

Lastly, over and above what you could already do with exports, now you can also download the raw dataset for each metric. The Export & Download capabilities of new analytics open up unlimited possibilities for you to calculate your metric and build visualisations exactly as per your need.


Mark conversations as unread through mobile

Couldn’t finish reading a conversation and want to revisit it later? Now you can easily mark a conversation as unread on the mobile app and visit it later on either your mobile or desktop.


Edit or Delete your notes through mobile

You can now edit or delete notes on the mobile app to quickly fix typos or validate and correct information.


Introducing billing contacts

You can now include upto 9 email addresses in Hiver as billing contacts. All invoices and subscription-related emails will be sent to these email addresses. These addresses could belong to external users as well who are not a part of Hiver.


“Change password” policy locked you out of the mailbox? Mailbox admins to the rescue!

Password changes can result in shared mailboxes getting locked out and emails not getting updated. Previously, only users with an “admin” role could reauthenticate the shared mailboxes, but now users with the role “Mailbox admin” can also reauthenticate shared mailboxes that they’re a part of. Just another step in empowering team managers and preventing disturbances for account administrators :)


The all-new Hiver mobile app

The all-new Hiver Mobile App is now officially live for both android and iOS users. With a simple & intuitive interface, this mobile app is designed to work & collaborate on the go. Here's what you can expect from this version:

  1. All your 'shared inboxes' in one place
  2. Assign a conversation to a teammate
  3. Write internal comments using notes and @mentions
  4. Change the status of a conversation
  5. Access all your 'Views' in one place
  6. See Tags on a conversation
  7. Reply to a conversation using aliases
  8. Receive Push and In-app notifications
  9. Mark notifications as Unread/Read
  10. View and open attachments inside conversations Get the Hiver apps for iOS and Android.

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