Hiver updates
Hiver updates

Track conversations that went missing

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As a manager, you will come across conversations that are supposed to be part of a shared mailbox but aren't anymore. These conversations were either trashed, marked as spam or removed via Hiver's 'remove email from shared mailbox'.

However, there is a high chance of such removed conversations slipping under your radar altogether. You wouldn't know which conversations were removed, when were they removed and by whom. This causes a lot of headache!

To help you keep track of such conversations, Hiver has a new feature called “Removed conversations log” that sends you a periodic log of all conversations that were removed from a shared mailbox. The logs will tell you which conversation was removed, who removed it, when was it removed and how was it removed.

You will find this service under the Settings section in any shared mailbox’s Admin panel page.

Reverse the order of messages in a thread to see the latest message first

While viewing a conversation within Gmail, the latest message received for a conversation is shown at the bottom of the thread. This results in you having to scroll to access the latest message across multiple such conversations.

This feature release gives you the option to see the latest message in a conversation right at the top of the thread. This is a user level setting that applies across Gmail. Learn more on how to get started with this.

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Was the conversation trashed or marked as spam? You have an answer now!

A conversation can be removed from a shared mailbox by trashing it, marking it as spam or using Hiver's built-in ‘Remove email from shared mailbox’ option. Whenever this happens, Hiver logs this removal in the activity feed for the conversation.

However, this log did not show the method behind the removal. It simply stated that the conversation was removed by a user.

To bring more visibility behind the method, Hiver now explicitly states if a conversation was removed by trashing it or by marking it as spam as seen in the image below.

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Send new mailbox conversation alerts to private Slack channels

The existing Slack integration only allows you to send new mailbox conversation alerts to public channels. This does not work for all teams as they could be operating within private channels.

This enhancement allows you to send new mailbox conversation alerts to private channels as well. Learn more on how to get started with this integration over here.


Introducing the new revamped Automations

Hiver Automations has been rebuilt from the ground up to help enable your team's complex workflows. This rebuild supports all the past capabilities and includes some exciting new updates:

  1. Clear event based triggers: Automations can now be set to trigger based on events that happen within Hiver. To start with, you can define Automations to trigger when receiving a new inbound conversation or when a new outbound conversation is sent.
  2. Use OR/AND operators: Automation conditions can be set based on a combination of OR/AND operators. This gives you the flexibility to build the complex workflows you are after. Now assign conversations with specific keywords in the subject, from specific customers to a member in your team without breaking a sweat!
  3. Automate multiple actions: Automations allow you to take multiple actions on a conversation. You can Assign a conversation and add relevant tags to a conversation without breaking a sweat.
  4. Define conditions based on different criteria: You can now define conditions based on the From, To, CC or subject attributes to look for exact matches with a term or across multiple keywords. Assign all conversations that come from the list of accounts she manages without lifting a finger (well, not quite, but you get the drift).
  5. Change the priority of Automations: By default, Automations in Hiver are processed from top to bottom. Now you have the flexibility to change this priority by rearranging the order of these Automations.

All this and a lot more has been launched as part of this update. Learn more about everything that is part of this update over here! autom_1.gif

Download filtered reports

Previously, on downloading an Analytics report that had filters applied to it, you wouldn't get the specific data corresponding to your applied filters. Instead, you would get the entire unfiltered data requiring you to apply the same filters again in your spreadsheet. We released a fix to make this flow less painful, so going forward, your downloaded raw data will be filtered to match your on-screen report.

Email Templates on tap!

Composing or replying to emails just got faster on the Hiver mobile app with the introduction of Email Templates. While on the email body, you can preview and insert your favorite templates by searching for them or even quickly access the ones you used recently. If the template has placeholders, you can define the values for it before inserting it into the email body.


Exports now cater to all report types

In Hiver Analytics, you could create or schedule data exports for one report type - the Active conversations report. This report contained conversations that have had at least one email exchange for the selected time period. But there are other report types within Analytics that serve use-cases which couldn’t be derived from the Active conversations type. To bridge this gap, Exports has now expanded to cover all available reports.

You can now create and schedule data exports for the following report types from Hiver Analytics:

  • Active conversations
  • New conversations
  • Resolved conversations
  • First response time
  • First Assign time
  • Response time
  • Resolution time
  • Emails sent
  • Assigned conversations
  • CSAT feedback summary

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Assign conversations to yourself in a jiffy!

This new shortcut is for the trailblazer who frequently self-assigns conversations. The next time you want to assign a conversation to yourself, you'll find your name right at the top. Click, click, voila!

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Download reports in an instant

Gone are the days where you wait for the Analytics report you requested to land into your inbox. Just click on Download to have your report instantly downloaded onto your computer.