Hiver updates
Hiver updates

Express yourself with Emojis in Notes



Emojis are better substitutes for expression than plain text. Using ✅ drives the point home more than “done/okay” or using 😂 is far better than typing “hahaha!” And now, this power of expression is available on Hiver notes. You can search and insert emojis into a note by clicking on the emoji picker found on the note composer. You can also quickly add an emoji at the cursor with shorthand notation; just type ‘:’ followed by your preferred emoji.

It’s time to get creative with your notes!

(This feature is being rolled out in batches for our customers)

Access Private Permalinks on Hiver mobile app





Private Permalinks let you share links to conversations outside Hiver for you to collaborate with your teammates on different communication channels like Slack, Google Chat, etc.

Previously, permalinks would only work on the web as they were designed to redirect to Gmail. With this enhancement, you can also open private permalinks on the Hiver mobile app while collaborating with teammates on your mobile device.


New and Improved Conversation Permalinks






Private and public links are used to refer others to shared conversations that are of interest. This update for Permalinks brings in added functionality that will take your productivity a notch higher!

Private links redirect mailbox members to the conversation within Gmail. With this update, private links are auto-generated for every shared conversation resulting in a constantly available shortcut to jump right into a conversation.

A public link redirects anyone on the internet to a webpage containing emails exchanged in the shared conversation. Previously, the public link only contained emails until the point of generation. You can now update the link to reflect the latest emails in that conversation. For added security, mailbox managers can now selectively choose to enable or disable public links across every shared mailbox.

You can learn more about Permalinks here.

Create new tags during bulk categorization





Existing Hiver bulk actions enable you to add or remove tags on multiple conversations. However, while doing so, you might come across a new category of customer emails and might want to create a new tag.

This enhancement lets you do exactly that, helping you stay focused on the task. No more back and forth; easily create new tags while you’re categorizing conversations in bulk.


Automate based on keywords of interest in your email body






Many teams have processes that involve addressing standardised email templates, for example shipping information or invoice emails. And based on what’s in these emails, there would be a set of Hiver actions that follow. For example, if you got a shipping ticket for North Carolina, then it’d be useful to add the tag 'North Carolina' and assign it to an agent that works out of North Carolina.

To automate these Hiver actions, you have a new condition called ‘Body’ in Automations. This option searches a new conversation’s body for keywords of interest. When a match is found, Hiver will automatically perform the follow-on actions you've set up. You can learn more about automations here.

Introducing Dark Mode on the mobile app





The Hiver mobile app has been given a major facelift to improve readability and help you take care of your eyes while you’re working on your emails.

The app works in sync with your system settings and automatically picks your phone’s theme when you change it to dark/light. You can choose to override the system settings and keep the app always in dark mode using the toggle in your app menu.

With this latest update to the Hiver mobile app, you can now say goodbye to digital eye strain and say hello to the dark mode! (5).gif

Track conversations that went missing





RCL - Changelog.png

As a manager, you will come across conversations that are supposed to be part of a shared mailbox but aren't anymore. These conversations were either trashed, marked as spam or removed via Hiver's 'remove email from shared mailbox'.

However, there is a high chance of such removed conversations slipping under your radar altogether. You wouldn't know which conversations were removed, when were they removed and by whom. This causes a lot of headache!

To help you keep track of such conversations, Hiver has a new feature called “Removed conversations log” that sends you a periodic log of all conversations that were removed from a shared mailbox. The logs will tell you which conversation was removed, who removed it, when was it removed and how was it removed.

You will find this service under the Settings section in any shared mailbox’s Admin panel page.

Reverse the order of messages in a thread to see the latest message first





While viewing a conversation within Gmail, the latest message received for a conversation is shown at the bottom of the thread. This results in you having to scroll to access the latest message across multiple such conversations.

This feature release gives you the option to see the latest message in a conversation right at the top of the thread. This is a user level setting that applies across Gmail. Learn more on how to get started with this.

revconvo gif 1.gif

Was the conversation trashed or marked as spam? You have an answer now!





A conversation can be removed from a shared mailbox by trashing it, marking it as spam or using Hiver's built-in ‘Remove email from shared mailbox’ option. Whenever this happens, Hiver logs this removal in the activity feed for the conversation.

However, this log did not show the method behind the removal. It simply stated that the conversation was removed by a user.

To bring more visibility behind the method, Hiver now explicitly states if a conversation was removed by trashing it or by marking it as spam as seen in the image below.

rcl-acivity-panel-updates (2).png

Send new mailbox conversation alerts to private Slack channels





The existing Slack integration only allows you to send new mailbox conversation alerts to public channels. This does not work for all teams as they could be operating within private channels.

This enhancement allows you to send new mailbox conversation alerts to private channels as well. Learn more on how to get started with this integration over here.