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Changelog Roadmap
Quick links to jump back to removed conversations
Planned September 01, 2022

Removed Conversations Log is a shared-mailbox feature that emails selected recipients a daily, weekly or monthly log of all the shared conversations that were removed from the shared mailbox either via trashing, marking it as spam or manually via the Hiver 'remove from mailbox' option. We've planned the following enhancements for the service

  • Attaching the logs CSV file to the email body: Currently, recipients have to download the logs CSV file by accessing a Google Cloud Platform storage link sent in the email. To cut short this extra step, the CSV file will be attached to the email body itself thereby allowing a 1-click download of the file.
  • Adding a private permalink column: The CSV file will now contain a private permalink column, allowing the reader of the file to directly jump to the conversation within Gmail from the logs. This is useful if you want to skim through the content of the conversation to verify if the removal was in fact warranted.