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New Text-based CSAT Feedback
Completed February 12, 2023
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When it comes to collecting CSAT ratings, not every reader can immediately relate to the ratings tied to emoji faces. There's always room for some ambiguity in deciphering the rating behind each face.

To curb this, we're introducing a new snippet type to provide text-based CSAT rating options. While the new spelt-out ratings make life easier for the feedback respondent, we've also added colours to the options to further emphasise the sentiment behind each rating.

You can optionally even change the display text for the ratings. For example, this allows you to change the rating "Okay" to read as "Can do better".

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And to further cater to your reader preferences, you can now even rearrange the rating order in the snippets from either 'Good to bad' or 'Bad to good'. This applies to the emoji-based snippet type as well.

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