Hiver updates
Hiver updates

New and improved Zapier integration!





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The good folks at Zapier have unlocked a treasure chest of possibilities when it comes to automating workflows between the apps you use. With integrations available from thousands of leading apps, there isn’t an automation workflow that you couldn’t conjure up!

Our first version of Hiver’s Zapier integration got the job done but we realised there’s a lot more value to be extracted for our customers. For this new version, we’ve introduced more triggers and also improved on the ones that you’ve used before. The update list of triggers are:

  1. New Inbound Conversation → Triggers when a new conversation is received into a shared mailbox.
  2. New Outbound Conversation → Triggers when a new conversation is sent from a shared mailbox.
  3. New Email Sent or Received → Triggers when an email is sent from or received into a shared mailbox.
  4. New Note Created → Triggers when a new note is created in a shared conversation.
  5. SLA Violated: First Response Time → Triggers when a First Response Time SLA policy for a conversation is violated
  6. SLA Violated: Resolution Time → Triggers when a Resolution Time SLA policy applied to a conversation is violated.
  7. New CSAT Rating Received → Triggers when a CSAT rating is received for a conversation.
  8. Conversation Updated → Triggers when a conversation's status, assignee or tags are modified.

Apart from the updated list of triggers, we’ve also added new trigger filters such as assignee, status, tags and SLA policy that allows for more control. With the power of these triggers and filters under your belt, you can orchestrate a variety of Zapier workflows for your team, thus saving them precious time.

Ready to get started? Ready to get started? Learn how to create your first Hiver zap today!

Notes for customers who use the previous version:

  • If you were a user of our first integration, you will have to recreate your current Zaps on the new version before December 01, 2021 (UTC), as zaps on the older version will stop working beyond this date. Here’s a short guide to walk you through the migration process. If you have any questions around migrating from the existing integration, reach out to us at
  • Unfortunately, we are not going to support the trigger New Email in Shared Label in the new version as it did not align with our long-term vision for our customers.