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Out of Office
Feature request
In Progress May 09, 2024

At Hiver, we understand that agents often work long hours to provide continuous customer support across various communication channels. Managing availability during breaks, vacations, or emergencies is crucial to maintaining uninterrupted service. To address this, we’re building ‘Out of office’. Here’s how it can help:

  • Auto-assignment control: Agents can temporarily turn off auto-assignment when taking breaks, ensuring they are not overwhelmed with new emails upon their return.

  • Seamless re-engagement: Upon returning, agents can easily reactivate their position in the round-robin queue to continue receiving new emails without hassle.

  • Efficient ticket reassignment: For longer absences, agents have the option to reassign their tickets to available team members. Alternatively, admins or supervisors can step in to manage this, ensuring that queries are always handled promptly.

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