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Hiver updates

Download a list of account users





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As an account Admin, you may often find yourself needing a list of the current users in your account. To note down every row in the Users section of the Admin panel may turn out to be quite inconvenient. To solve this inconvenience, we’ve introduced a new functionality next to the ‘Add Users’ functionality within the Users section. You can use this to download a CSV file into your local machine, containing a list of the users in the account, with the following added information:

  • Name → The full name of the user
  • Email → The email address of the user
  • Role → The assigned role of the user defining which permissions are available to him/her.
  • State → Either 'Active' (the user is an active member of the account or 'Removed' (the user has been removed from the account)
  • Added on (UTC) → the date and time in UTC at which the user was added
  • Removed on (UTC) → the date and time in UTC at which the user was removed
  • Mailboxes → The mailboxes the Active member is a part of