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Hiver updates

Auto assign unassigned conversations to responder





When a new conversation comes into a shared mailbox, it first finds itself in the Unassigned section (unless round-robin auto assignment has been enabled). As agents pick conversations to respond to from this section, their typical workflow would end with them assigning these conversations to themselves.

But this step takes a few extra seconds and often enough, agents even forget to do this as they’re already onto the next conversation. We recognised that this last step of manual assignment could be automated and we’ve done just that!

You now have the option to enable a feature called Auto-assign unassigned conversations to responder, found in the ‘Settings’ section of every shared mailbox. Once enabled, any unassigned conversation gets automatically assigned to the agent who makes the first, next or periodic response. This auto-assignment will work both on the Hiver Gmail extension and the Hiver mobile app.

Learn more about this feature here.