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Hiver updates

Amazon S3 connector for Hiver Analytics





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To uncover deeper insights from Hiver Analytics, your way forward is to export the data into third-party tools like Google Data Studio, Microsoft Excel, Tableau and more. So far, you’ve had to manually download the raw data and upload it into these third-party tools which can prove to be cumbersome and time consuming.

To make life easier, we’ve introduced a new optional delivery method for Scheduled exports called AWS S3 bucket. Set up your AWS S3 bucket and you will receive your report data right into the bucket at the scheduled time. The file in the bucket is replaced on every export. You can then set up integrations to send the data from the bucket to the various tools that you use.

We’ve also introduced a new configuration called Range of data for Scheduled exports. This option allows you to specify the time range the data in each export covers. You can choose from the ‘Last 24 hours’ to the ‘Last 184 days’. So if you pick ‘Last 184 days’ as your Range, the data in each export will cover conversations from the last 184 days of the generated export.

You can learn more about setting up the AWS S3 connector by clicking here.